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AOC : Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

SOIL: Clay and limestone.

SURFACE AREA: 24.71 acres

GRAPE VARIETIES: Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Franc (20%)..

AVERAGE AGE OF VINES: 65 years olds;

DENSITY OF PLANTING: 5 500 ceps/2.5 acres- intra-row 1,50m.

YIELD: AOC (a little less than 123.55 acres)..

HARVEST: Mechanical harvester-hand harvesting.

WINEMAKING: Stainless steel vats and/or concretes vats.

BARRELS-AGEING: "Bordeaux" Barrels (3 wines maximum). ((

PRODUCTION : 35 000 bottles/vintage.

HISTORY OF CHÂTEAU HAUT-VEYRAC or a winemaker friend of the Epicurean.

FAMILY: Jacqueline and Gerard CASTAING CLAVERIE have inherited the wine property from their father; himself held by his father ... We cannot trace the beginning but this property belongs to the family for a long time. Today it’s Caroline, Olivia and Guillaume, who lead the vineyard.

SOIL: Located on a hillside overlooking the village of Saint-Emilion Haut-Veyrac has an exceptional soil. The vineyard now extends over 10 hectares (24,71 acres) in one piece. The clay and limestone soil allows the growing in the best conditions of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties.

PHILOSOPHY: Respect for Men, respect for our” terroir”, respect for the work of our elders, respect for customers.  Respecting the environment is not an obstacle; it's the intangible conditions, guarantee of success and longevity that requires us to a great daily requirement for us and our valued partners. A vineyard is not built in a fortnight, it is shaped over time; Vine does not give her full expression after 40 years!
This outdated notion which nevertheless deserves to be inscribed on each façade does not prevent, and on the contrary, Haut-Veyrac to be looking to the future. Whether it’s in the vineyard, in the process of vinification, in the marketing methods, or in the field of wine tourism; we always carefully avoid succumbing to what is trending which is as ephemeral as silly. Folklore why not! But keep in mind that the constant and recurrent quality of our wines is ultimately what gives pleasure to our customers.
Sharing a bottle of Haut-Veyrac should be the best way to go along with all the happy moments. The price of it participates. Thus, the reason outweighs whatever medals, laudatory articles we might have for the growing success.

PASSION : While passing through the region, a stop at Chateau Haut-Veyrac is a must! It’s the opportunity to discover, to taste, to share… the best way to enrich one another.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.

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